A little Bit About The Race Tracks Of Formula 1



Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports in the world. It continues to attract huge crowds, both live and television watching. Its highlight is the world championship that is held across formula 1 race tracks across the world. This gives top-notch drivers the chance to become the formula one world champion for a particular year.

F1 circuits or Formula 1 racetracks have been specially designed to accommodate high-speed racing. Although corners have been specially set to minimize accidents, the courses remain challenging. Each track comes with a unique design with several curves, straights and turns. One of the most challenging is the Suzuka in Japan.

Albert Park

Situated in Victoria Australia, this track is generally easy and fast to drive. However, what makes it challenging is the overtaking part, which most Formula 1 drivers find hard. It is generally a street-based circuit.

Bahrain International Circuit

Positioned in the Persian Gulf, this track is also among the most popular in the world of Formula 1. Since it is located in the desert, it comes with a number of challenges. One of the main concerns was the dust blowing into the circuit and interfering with the races.

Circuit de Catalunya

This track is found in Barcelona, Spain. It is one of the most modern in the racing world. It has been excellently designed to cater for all forms of viewers, including the disabled. There are three different routes offered by this circuit.

Circuit de Monaco

Opened in 1929, the Monaco circuit is an outstanding circuit and considered by many as the grandest. It is popular for its challenging twists and tight turns. Therefore, driver ability and skill are highly important when participating in this circuit.

Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

Located on a man-made island, this circuit is extremely fast. The main problem faced by drivers on this track is misjudging the barriers which are located next to the track. On top of that, there is a wall in close proximity to the last chicane.


It is near the town of Hockenheim, thus the name. Although the track has been redesigned from the earlier one, the current section presents drivers with tight corners. There is also the tight hairpin corner that presents drivers with an overtaking opportunity.


Located close to the town of Budapest in Hungary, it hosts the Hungarian Grand Prix every year. This track is extremely dusty and very hot, since the races happen in the middle of the European summer.

Silverstone Circuit

This track hosts the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. It is fast with long extension of high-speed corners that present challenges to drivers and offer thrill to spectators. It is still one of the best, in part due to its twists and turns. It is a historic track.

Shanghai International Circuit

Popularly known as the Chinese Grand Prix, this speedway has a total of seven right and seven left turns. The combination of straight lines and turns, deceleration and acceleration sections and high-speed sections presents drivers with an overtaking opportunity.

Sepang International Circuit

This track hosts the Malaysian Grand prix. It is among the best, when it comes to technology and facilities. It is popular for its sweeping corners and wide straits. It is unique in design and usually raced in a clockwise direction

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Located along the Andennes Mountains, this course presents a wonderful course to the drivers and a thrilling experience for the spectators. Some of the challenging sections in this track are the Raidillon combination and the stretch after the La Source hairpin.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

This track has hosted Formula 1 racing for many years. This is the home of Ferrari. It combines passion, speed, and history. It is the fastest in the entire circuit and one of the largest in the world. Night racing can also be done on this track.

Suzuka International Racing Course

Situated close to Shiroka, the Suzuka racing course is both a challenging and entertaining course. It presents drivers with a balance of speed and curves. The drivers must maintain speed under control so as not to crash on the two critical curves. It presents 6 curves in total, with both slow and fast corners. With its unique layout, the Suzuka course is one of the most challenging racing tracks in the whole circuit, calling for massive driving skills.


Formula 1 racing is held in different venues or tracks across the world. Each track has been specifically designed to present unique challenges to the drivers while presenting spectators with an amazing and thrilling experience.