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Top Ten

Top Ten

Top Ten

Each year, NEETS keeps track of where each driver finishes, for the top ten drivers of each race, they are awarded 1 point and their name is posted on this page. At the end of the season, any driver whose name appears on this page and is present for the annual awards banquet will receive a custom plaque in their honor for racing with NEETS and placing in the top ten.

At the last points race of the season, the top ten drivers listed on this page for each division will be able to participate in a 10 lap dash-for-cash race! Starting order is reverse position after the final points race...person with the most top ten finishes starts last.

As an added bonus, the driver in each division with the most top ten finishes will receive a $250 bonus at the awards banquet! In the case of a tie, the money is split evenly.

But...this all hinders on a sponsor!!! Please view our "Sponsorship Opportunities Page" for more info on how to get involved and keep the Top Ten Club alive!

The following drivers have distinguished themselves by finishing a
2011 NEETS Racing Series "points" event in a top ten position.
* denotes win

Note: Plaques for Top Ten Club will be distributed at the annual awards banquet, you must be present to receive your plaque!!!
Sorry, no exceptions...

Big Cars
27 Top Ten members
after Final event
Small Cars
28 Top Ten members
after Final event
Name Top Tens Name Top Tens
Chuck Eckert 6 Kenny Brown 5
Jason Brown * 6 Brian Smith 5
Brandon Guyer 6 Don Daigneault 5
Tim Pauch *** 6 Dave Bentley Jr. 4
Bob Wink 5 Pete Wharton 4
Jerry Arms 5 Dan Daigneault 4
Pat Hires * 3 Phil Levering 4
Darrel Herman 3 Steve Wilson *** 4
Jonny Sacks 3 Justin Dunn 4
Joe Kunkel 3 Kenny Wallace 4
Justen Steigerwalt * 3 Robby Dunn 3
Drew Ott * 3 Pat Hires ** 3
Dylan Schantz 2 Art Kulik 3
Howie Bott 2 Dan Scholl 2
Joel Pilgert 2 Tom Stevens 2
Travis Guyer 2 Linsey Rummel 2
Steve Haegele 1 Scott Hoffmaster 2
Mike Weidner 1 Scott Dunn 2
Ryan Garner 1 Katie Todorow 2
Tom Wolf 1 Dave Bentley Sr. * 2
Chris Agnstadt 1 Jimmy White Jr. 1
Kevin Mandic 1 Tiffany Collis 1
Russ Killian 1 Tim Reinford 1
Kory Stevens 1 Joe Grocholski * 1
Kyle Killian 1 Rob Pyle 1
Carl Wade 1 Larry Spencer III 1
Shawn Naftzinger 1 Jeff Levan 1
    Jeremiah Hughes 1

   * - denotes win