Our Goals

If you are a fan of Formula 1, then you know it is the highest level of racing there is in the world. Fans of the sport love the speed, the adrenaline, the massive show of might and the resources poured into making F1 one of the most coveted sports in the world right now. Here at NeetsRacing, we share your passion and dreams, which is why from now on, we will cover pretty much everything related to Formula One.

Bringing on the cars

Formula 1 boasts a wide array of cars of varied construction, and the build of each model is always a subject of interest among fans. At the same time, the technologies keep changing in a bid to maximize on performance and produce winning brands. If you are crazy about the numbers and lingo used in this part of the industry, then we shall bring you up to speed about each intricate detail regarding your number one car.

Touching base with your favourite driver

Formula I drivers are professionals to the core and, as a result, have earned a massive fan base around the world. Through us, you will be able to follow your favourite driver wherever they go in a bid to keep you posted on what they are up to and what sort of race they are fixing to shock us with.

Keeping you in the loop when it comes to teams

The 11 or 12 teams you have been following around for ages are constantly changing form and shape. Team members quit their groups, alliances are broken and new understanding is formed every day. These teams comprise of highly intelligent people building top-notch cars in order to compete out there. You need to know how those who interest you are faring-what are they building? What latest trick are they formulating in order to emerge top of the pile? If you are looking for that kind of information, then you are right at home with us.

Deals, wins, losses and general news

Formula One is a fast-paced affair in which the winners of today lose tomorrow and deals get brokered day after the next. NeetsRacing keeps its ears on the ground when it comes to such and related information in order to keep you posted at all times.

We promise you that inside our pages, you have access to whatever you are looking for as long as it relates to Formula One at any capacity. We guarantee accuracy and detail at all times.